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The strangest TV moments of 2010

Includes Lost, Fringe and Caprica. It’s been a strange year.

Every year throws up some oddities in genre television, but 2010 has been particularly bizarre. Here are four sequences from popular genre or genre-related shows that tested our suspension of disbelief (but entertained us regardless):

Olivia Vs B-Olivia – Fringe

Olivia faces the alternate reality version of herself and of course, as Futurama predicted, they fight.


The Dancing Cylon – Caprica

We still can’t decide whether we like this utterly weird sequence, but it may be the show’s most memorable moment.


The ‘Dual Spires’ (Twin Peaks) Ending – Psych

Try and spot all the Twin Peaks references in this final sequence. There are many.


The Birth Of The Smoke Monster – Lost

Chucked down a well of light. Yup, that’ll do.