Michelle Rodriguez heads back to the island

Actress will revisit role in Lost’s final season, according to E!


Lost’s Ana-Lucia, a character that was unceremoniously killed off at the end of season two, will return to the show during its final episodes, according to Michael Ausiello at Entertainment Online. With the format of the show completely changed compared to its previous seasons, it will be fascinating to see how Ana-Lucia will be reintroduced into the series.

Actress Michelle Rodriguez was last seen in James Cameron’s mega-smash Avatar. A number of former cast members are returning to Lost this year, including Cynthia Watros, whose character, Libby, was also killed off at the same time as Ana-Lucia. With Harold Perrineau also returning this season as Michael, who wants to bet there’ll be a reckoning of some kind?

Source: EOnline