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Mass Effect 2 DLC incoming

BioWare RPG to get a final recruitable party member very soon.

sfdeclazarus5Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest works of science fiction produced in the last ten years, a masterwork of development savvy and storytelling ability. Now, BioWare’s Xbox 360 and PC RPG, which was released in January, will be receiving an extra character on 6 April with the Kasumi’s Stolen Memories pack, according to Joystiq.

Players of the game will remember that the character Zaeed was introduced shortly after launch via download at no cost, but the Kasumi pack is expected to be paid DLC. The included side story will be structured much like the other side quests in Mass Effect 2 – sort of like sci-fi anthology short stories – where Commander Shepard will encounter the character (in this case on The Citadel), and get an insight into their background before they join his squad.

Discussions about the price of the pack are currently taking place. We can’t wait – if you haven’t been fortunate enough to sample Mass Effect or its sequel, do! We can’t rate it highly enough.