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Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace: cult or too cult?

Why some people disagree with the Channel 4 cult classic.

marenghilearnerthumbsuplolzAt the weekend, I took advantage of the 4 on-demand service on YouTube and decided to rewatch the first episode of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace. It’s a fascinating and brilliant little series, inconsistent but at least four times better than any British comedy that was on screens at the time (barring Peep Show, of course).

I’m starting to learn, however, that it isn’t for everyone. There are several reasons that Darkplace falls flat for some people – firstly, people think the spoof aspect of it is actually bad rather than intentionally so, a mistake often made with shows that share Darkplace’s parodying ideas.

The second reason is more problematic and universal, however. I think the unusual premise of Darkplace – a self-involved, rubbish horror author and his publisher present their unaired horror show from the Eighties with mockumentary framing – just disagrees with people. It’s too unconventional for them. I’ve known a few people with decent comedy tastes that just don’t understand why the Channel 4 cult hit is so good.

Are these people wrong? Why is Darkplace so subjectively enjoyable?

Oh, and if you’ve never sampled the delights of an author who’s written more books that he’s read, here’s the link.