Fringe Season 5 uncertain, Fox loses money on JJ Abrams drama

But Terra Nova season 2 is looking more likely, due to international success

A fifth season of Fringe remains uncertain because the show doesn’t make a profit, according to Fox. Speaking at the TCAs this past weekend, Fox network entertainment chief Kevin Reilly described the sci-fi drama’s current situation as being “impossible to make money…and we’re not in the business of losing money”, based on its awkward Friday night slot and poor ratings. Nevertheless, he described the show’s ongoing efforts as being “a point of pride” for the network. Fox is clearly passionate about the show – this is a massive corporation that drops shows regularly, let’s not forget. The fact that it’s still around, despite not making a profit, almost makes up for the network’s track record of cancelling genre shows. Still, a fifth year doesn’t seem too likely based on its current form.

As for Terra Nova, Reilly described the first year by saying “creatively, it was hunting.” No decision has been made yet, but Reilly mentions that the show has been a big hit overseas, adding that he was very proud of the cast and setting. A choice will be made soon on its future.