FlashForward may end on a cliffhanger

Show could tease a second season that never happens.

115783Although, based on its ratings being among the lowest on network ABC right now, FlashForward looks like it’s heading towards cancellation, the season finale of the show – airing in less than a month – may not necessarily account for the outcome of cancellation.

The show’s current storyline should be resolved, but according to the FlashForward author and creative consultant on the show, Robert J Sawyer, the series will deliver something within the narrative that asks questions only a second season can answer. “Everyone who has stuck with us to find out what happens on 29 April, which was our promise at the start of season one, will be satisfied. That said, we take great pains to make sure the story you thought it was, isn’t, and that there’s a springboard for a season two that creatively is even more interesting than season one.”

Still, if FlashForward does get canned, wouldn’t that be agonising for loyal viewers? We’ll just have to wait and see.