Five things to do before watching Star Trek’s guide to the top 5 things you should do before you watch the new Star Trek movie.

ll030prnt332’s guide to the top 5 things you should do before you watch the new Star Trek movie.

1. Watch the Star Wars prequels again

To really appreciate why the new Star Trek is not only so good but also why it’s such a relief, you have to remind yourself of the recent nadir we sci-fi fans have suffered. Lucas’ prequels were not only damaging to the franchise it should have celebrated but also bad films. Compared to these Abrams’ film is godly.

2. Watch Star Trek: The Original Series

Filed under: It’s not completely necessary but it helps you to care for the characters that much more. Of course, you should see this classic series anyway as it’s probably the greatest thing ever to happen to man or beast.

3. Read SciFiNow #27

For insight into the new movie, there’s no better (or bigger) feature than our 15 page article in #27. Featuring interviews with all the major players, including Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, JJ Abrams and Karl Urban, it tells you all you need to know about the biggest sci-fi film of the decade.

4. Relax

It’s too tempting to dismiss this new film as a mistake (you only need to listen to our early podcasts to learn you’re not alone as well), but there really is nothing to fret about. This is a movie that’s faithful and respectful in all the right ways, as well as being a thoroughly entertaining blockbuster in its own right. Trust us: Abrams has done the franchise proud.

5. Buy some popcorn

Before you take your seat make sure you’ve got a big box of popcorn* and a tub of soft drink to hand. This is big, bold, fast, fun summer entertainment and it deserves to be treated as such.

*Providing, of course, you have the £38,000 to spare to buy some. Note to self: start SciFiNow campaign to bring down price of food and beverage at the cinema.