Storage 24 “has to have a sequel” says Noel Clarke

Kidulthood and Adulthood writer Noel Clarke is already thinking about a sequel for his urban sci-fi thriller Storage 24, in cinemas from 29 June 2012. Do you reckon the British horror movie should get a sequel?

Storage 24 Noel Clarke sequel

Storage 24 Noel Clarke sequel
Noel Clarke not only writes but stars in Storage 24, in cinemas from 29 June 2012.

Noel Clarke’s Storage 24 may not even be in cinemas yet (it’s out 29 June 2012), but the writer/actor and former Doctor Who star already has his eyes on a follow-up to take advantage of the film’s ambiguous ending.

“I would love to,” Clarke told us, when we asked him straight-up if he’d like to continue the story.

“The weird thing about the ending is that that’s not the original ending. Without giving too much away… I kind of wanted a SWAT team to kind of, you know [makes running motion] and we couldn’t afford it. I was told we could only afford like five or six people, and I was like, ‘we need 70!’

“And so, we were kind of like ‘what do we do, what do we do?’ and I said to [director] Johannes Roberts, ‘what if I do this..?’ Which became the new ending, and he was like, ‘dude, that’s a good idea!’ Because, you know, they’ve been inside, but what’s going on outside?

“So I rewrote the ending and made it what it is and of course, still didn’t think about a sequel, but then you watch it, you kind of go ‘Oh my God!’ Johannes and I watched it when all the VFX were finished and we were like ‘There has to be another one!’ So now it’s in my head, and I’ve got the idea and I’ve formulated it, and the idea is completely there, so I’m just waiting to see if the studio want to do it, because now I think it deserves one.”

There’s more on Storage 24 in SciFiNow issue 68, check it out and tell us whether you think Storage 24 deserves a sequel.