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Power Rangers cast freak out over how much they love Elizabeth Banks

The cast of the Power Rangers share their Elizabeth Banks love

Almost everyone on the planet is united by one thing: their love for Elizabeth Banks. You’d have to talk to a lot of film lovers before you found one that didn’t care for her work that much.

Understandably, everyone went kind of nuts when it was announced that she’d be playing the evil Rita Repulsa in Dean Israelite’s new Power Rangers movie.

In honour of Elizabeth Banks herself, the following is literally just the cast of Power Rangers freaking out over the fact that they got to work with her.

“Elizabeth is incredible,” says Becky G, who plays Trini (the Yellow Ranger). “The decisions she made for her character were so bold and fun and different, and I feel like she brings this kind of odd, creepy beauty to Rita Repulsa. This is the hottest we’ve ever seen Rita! It’s incredible, everything from the cosmetics to the acting. Elizabeth kills it.”

Naomi Scott, who plays Kimberly (the Pink Ranger) adds: “She’s weird and she’s wacky and she’s evil but she’s funny and she’s sexy and she’s all these interesting things rolled into one as to not make her just your average villain. She’s definitely fearless in her choices as well, and it was really great working with her.”

RJ Cyler, who plays Billy (the Blue Ranger), might be a little too excited for Banks. “She just takes Rita and makes her this—I won’t even say just character! It’s more like Elizabeth turned her into this entity!” he says.

“You can’t explain what it is or who it is anymore. It’s like you could never explain what Rita was, even in the older renditions of Power Rangers. Elizabeth, her version of it is so interesting just to watch. It’s crazy. The way she brings the character to life is so creepy but it’s so attractive and it’s scary; it’s everything that Rita is, times ten. She really rocked this role. She was perfect for it! There’s nobody else on earth who could have done what Elizabeth has done. I’m rooting for her! I am Team Elizabeth Banks.”

Likewise, Ludi Lun, who is playing Zack (the Black Ranger), is a massive Elizabeth Banks fanboy. “Oh my god! It was amazing to work with her, and then seeing it back on screen, it’s crazy!” he enthuses.

“That’s one of the things that really gave me a shock about the trailer, finally seeing her with all the effects and full costume. In fact, I met her as Rita before I met her as Elizabeth Banks! The first time I met her we were already on set and she’s in full costume because it takes her a while to put that thing on. By the time I had met her in person and introduced myself, she was in full green. She definitely left an impression on me! You guys will see; just her creativity in the role, it’s really something.”

Dacre Montgomery, who plays Jason (the Red Ranger), had some love to share too: “It’s like a whole other level, working with a seasoned veteran of the industry,” he says.

“I worked with her for a couple of days for a couple of scenes, and she rocked up in full costume. She’d been in makeup for hours, so it was a complete physical transformation. But just seeing the choices that she made… I think you can just tell in any industry, in any profession, when somebody of that kind of calibre walks into the room or walks on set or is around you, you can feel that kind of aura. It’s like, I need to step my game up to match her. You can feel that element. [You think], I need to be switched on at 150 percent right now because it’s important that I meet her at that level.”

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