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Merlin Series 5: “Morgana is a stronger, more committed enemy than ever before”

The Merlin creators reveal exclusive series 5 secrets in SciFiNow issue 65, read a snippet here!

SciFiNow interrogated Merlin co-creators Julian Murphy and Johnny Capps recently and got plenty of season 5 exclusives. You’ll find them all in the new issue of the magazine, on sale 14/03/12, but for now here is an sneak preview…

“I don’t see Morgana getting any less powerful,” reveals Murphy, “she’s growing into a stronger and more committed enemy than ever before. The stakes are becoming higher now that Arthur is king and the future of Albion is being created, there’s more for Merlin to fight for and more for him to protect so as he gets older, he’s tested as a character because everything in the world becomes more serious.”

Fans were left bemused when the finale showed the white dragon Aithusa saving an injured Morgana. Some are debating whether the creators are drawing on the legend of the red dragon (representing Camelot) kills the white dragon (symbolising the Saxons) and the writers are clearly satisfied with the reaction, “We hoped it was a nice tease…” says Murphy.

To read more, pick up a copy of SciFiNow 65 in shops March 14th 2012!

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