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Merlin series 5: “Gwen won’t change the relationship between Merlin and Arthur”

Merlin creators on the dynamic between Merlin and the Queen and King of Camelot in series 5

When Merlin returns to our Saturday nights later this year, it will open with a two-parter and follow the show’s tradition of jumping forward in time. “All the characters will have moved on a lot,” explains Merlin co-creator Johnny Capps, “and we will see that Gwen is now the Queen of Camelot and has a very different role than she’s had in previous seasons. When we start series 5 I think everone will be surprised where all the characters are.”

Now that the former maid has fulfilled Morgana’s visions of becoming royalty despite several thwarted attempts to prevent it, Gwen will play a more prominent role as Arthur’s confidant. For those concerned that this might affect the bromance and banter between Merlin and Arthur, though, they needn’t be worried.

“I don’t think it will change the relationship between them, because Gwen and Merlin have always been close, and there’s been a bond there,” says Julian Murphy. “I hope it will make it a greater dynamic; three often shakes it up and makes it richer, and without it trying to, I think the writing will do that.”

It doesn’t seem like love will be on the cards for Merlin, though, at least not yet…. “It’s interesting with Merlin,” says Murphy, “because historically and in the legends – although there are legends that relate to certain romances and seduction – I think in our consciousness he’s a curiously non-romantic figure. In our mind he’s never associated with women, and I guess we stay true to that, but we’d never rule it out. and there are some interesting stories about Merlin being seduced away from the path.”

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