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Marvel’s Iron Fist: star Finn Jones talks Danny Rand and The Defenders

Danny Rand actor Finn Jones talks Iron Fist, The Defenders series and more

To celebrate the release of Netflix’s latest Marvel series, Iron Fist, we spoke to the star of the show, Finn Jones, about Danny Rand, fight sequences and the lead up to The Defenders

SciFiNow: Can you tell us a bit about Danny Rand, and why he stands out from the other Defenders?

Finn Jones: He’s the youngest and certainly the most vulnerable – but despite his traumatic past he has an optimism and naivety that isn’t usually displayed in superheroes. He’s flawed and nowhere near perfect. He’s driven and headstrong. I admire those attributes, especially as they all conflict with each other. To me, it’s what makes Danny real. He’s a character in transition, from boyhood to manhood, getting to grips with his new found responsibility and making a whole load of mistakes on the way.

How does Danny’s story fit into the Marvel universe?

Danny’s story is integral to the set up of The Defenders.

What unique flavour does Iron Fist bring?

I find his inner, more spiritual superpowers a nice break from the usual smash and thump superheroes we’re used to. However, what we see with our version of Danny is that, he is a character “trying” to behave centred and disciplined. After all, he is mortal, and a 25 year old mortal at that… He has a way to go.

Danny Rand puts his training into practice in NYC.

Each of the Marvel shows has had an incredible villain: Kingpin, Purple Man, Cottonmouth… Can you tell us a bit about David Wenham as Harold Meachum?

Well, there’s a number of villains in our show… [Meachum] is a titan of industry, a shadowy leader of corporate america. Wenham’s Harold is grovelling, formidable threat – that will step over anyone to survive – but amongst all of this i admire how he’s managed to keep Harold relatable and there are even moments where you have empathy for him.

How did you find working with showrunner Scott Buck?

Scott has been great to work with, he’s taken these comic book characters and fleshed them out with nuance and real world complexity. With Buck’s characters there’s always a flip side, texture and inner conflict.

How familiar were you with Iron Fist and the Defenders when you first joined the show?

I knew of Netflix’s Daredevil and Jessica Jones but never came across the comics before. Growing up in the UK, I don’t think the US comic book culture really translates as much for kids. Upon reading the description of the character in the audition breakdown I was immediately hooked… There was something about Danny’s inner power and optimism that struck me straight away.

Danny gets help from his new friend Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick).

Did you have to do a lot of martial arts training for the show?

I trained as much as I could for the role. I had a month before we started filming to get the basics and prepare my body to be responsive and flexible within the choreography – from there on out I was learning on the job. It’s been an intense crash course, that’s for sure.

What have been some of the highlights while working with Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter on The Defenders?

The greatest highlight is how well we all get on with each other – I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much with a group of people. There is a natural dynamic and energy created between us and it’s been a joy all of us working

Marvel’s Iron Fist is available to stream on Netflix in all territories. Get a behind the scenes look at the show in the latest issue of SciFiNow.