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Interview: Brandon Sanderson

The new custodian of the Wheel Of Time series talks exclusively to SciFiNow.

And have you had to put your own series on hold while working on The Wheel Of Time, or are you working on both?

I put mostly everything on hold. Certainly, a lot of stuff I write as a writer is in between books – I like to switch things up to keep myself from being burned out. I’m a compulsive writer, I love to do this. I write a lot because it’s my passion but I do have to switch it up. So after the first one, after The Gathering Storm, I took a break and I wrote something else. It’s a book that I’ve been working on for some 15 years by that point, it’s called The Way Of Kings. It was something that I needed to do at that time. And now that I’ve finished Towers Of Midnight, I’m taking a short break and I’m writing something else. It’s going to be much smaller, not an epic. It’s just something to refresh myself for a couple of months before I go into A Memory Of Light. So yes and no. I have put a lot of things on hold, and that was kind of difficult, but at the same time the way that I am as a writer, I couldn’t just work on one thing for three or four years straight. I had to stop and do side projects to keep me fresh. So you will occasionally see things, for instance The Way Of Kings, which is the start of a new series, my own massive epic so to speak. But you won’t see the sequel for that until after A Memory Of Light is done, because I can’t justify stopping long enough when this needs to be done.

So is A Memory Of Light still tentatively scheduled for 2011?

It’s scheduled for next year, yes. I’m going to start working on it in January. One thing that’s going to slow me down, though, and I have to warn fans of this, is that it’s now been three years since I’ve read the series straight through. I read it straight through when I started, but it’s been three years now, so come January I have to re-read the series. I’m starting to forget things and that’s not good, so that’ll slow me down by three months or so. My expectation is that it’ll push the book back by three months. If I started it in January, I could have it done and out by November, but I just don’t feel right about that, so more likely you’re going to see it in February.

In 2012?

Yes. There’s still a chance you’ll see it in November, but I have to re-read the series, and I want to take my time with the last one. You’ll probably see it in spring 2012.

Towers Of Midnight, by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, is published on 2 November 2010 through Orbit.

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