In The Flesh Series 2 Kieren “just wants out”

Luke Newberry talks Kieren’s need to escape and why In The Flesh “could go on and on”

Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker in In The Flesh
Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker in In The Flesh

In The Flesh Series 2 is just around the corner and we’re as anxious to see the second series of Dominic Mitchell’s hit BBC3 zombie drama as PDS-sufferer Kieren is to get out of Roarton.

“Nine months on and he’s got itchy feet and he just wants out,” reveals star Luke Newberry, who has just been nominated for a BAFTA for Best Leading Actor for his performance in the first series.

“He’s got all these ideas about travelling abroad, starting afresh. He’s not running away from his problems but he just wants to start again and be somewhere that understands him better, understands how to deal with PDS sufferers and he thinks that in Europe people are more tolerant and have a better understanding of it. And are generally more open and artistic as well, because he’s an artist and he wants to go and express himself. Desperate to go to Paris!”

The first series saw Kieren return to his home town of Roarton and struggle to reintegrate with his family and the locals, many of whom had fought against the zombie uprising. Now, Newberry tells us, Kieren is forced to think about life after his homecoming.

“I think the first series was kind of like a coming to terms with himself and everything around him and it was all new,” he tells us. “It was a real rollercoaster journey accepting himself coming back to the town and everything and now he’s kind of settled  but things have moved on and changed and he’s now faced with different dilemmas.

“Just this open life that doesn’t really have a sell by date on it, he’s gonna be young forever and until someone shoots him in the back of the head that’s it. What do you do with no time limit, how do you spend your time? So he’s got all these things going on and these new people coming in, making life even harder, things have got easier and now it’s getting harder again and it just feels completely trapped by everything.”

in-the-fleshIn The Flesh was tremendously popular among its target audience but there was the inevitable tension as we waited to hear whether it would be renewed. “We didn’t know anything at all,” reveals Newberry. “And it worked so well as just a three part drama, it kind of had a journey and an end, so it was kind of like, ‘Well if it does go again that’s the best thing ever and if it doesn’t I guess…'”

However, an extended second series was ordered and Newberry couldn’t be happier to be returning to Roarton. “Something about Dom’s writing is that it flows, you don’t feel like you’re over-egging anything. It flows and now he knows us, he’s writing for us and that makes things easier as well and he just writes completely human things that everyone relates to, little scenarios that everyone can relate to, through fantastical situations which is quite unique.”

As for a third series, Newberry remains as hopeful as the rest of us. “I think so; he hasn’t just created a scenario, that’s the great thing. He’s created a world and it could just go on and on.”

In The Flesh Series Two begins in the first week of May. You can pre-order In The Flesh Series 1 & 2 on DVD for £14 at