Firefly’s Serenity made out of LEGO

Firefly fan Adrian Drake talks about his Big Damn LEGO Serenity

LEGO Serenity

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We all clearly love Joss Whedon’s Firefly, but Adrian Drake chose to demonstrate his love differently and brilliantly, by constructing an epic 7-foot long replica of the Serenity out of around 70,000 pieces of LEGO.

How do you go about planning something on this scale? Did you know exactly what bricks you needed and where they would go before you laid the first one down?

You can’t plan that far ahead with a project like this. I determined the scale by making it in scale to a LEGO fig. Then it was just a matter of diving in and building. I did no major planning other than obtaining some reference material.

Did you have exact reference material for the floorplans or was some of it guesswork?

I used a couple of references from QMx: The architectural cutaway poster set and the Serenity blueprint reference pack. I also used some pictures online of the practical model from the movie, as well as pictures of QMx’s Big Damn Serenity Model. Yeah, I relied on QMx a lot, they’re awesome! I also had the movie on my laptop next to my build table, and I would freeze-frame on various scenes to get interior and exterior details.

How did you manage your time on this project? I imagine it’s easy to just get wrapped up in it…

I worked on it for a very long time, almost 2 years. I built a few hours a week for the most part, with a few sessions of major construction work. I had originally planned on finishing it in a year, but a basement flood and lack of motivation slowed my progress. I didn’t really schedule it, I just built on my own time. I worked heavily this summer to get it done in time for Brickfair, a Lego convention held each August in Washington, DC, but otherwise just build when I have free time, among family time and other hobbies.

I just can’t process the thought of a 7-foot Serenity – where on earth do you keep it?

Right now it’s on display at my friend’s toy store. Otherwise, I don’t really know what my plans are long-term. It comes apart into various pieces for transport, and when it’s in my basement I just leave it in pieces. It’s certainly too large for me to leave on display anywhere in my house.

Have you had reactions from any other members of the cast yet?

Morena Baccarin called it “amazeballs” on Twitter. Sean Maher and Nathan Fillion also tweeted about it, having seen it. Other than that, no.

Do you have a next mega-project in mind?

I don’t expect to build another large project for quite a while. This one took a lot out of me, and I am going to take a long break from building. I won’t know what my next project is until the inspiration strikes me.

Check out the full gallery of images on Adrian’s Flickr.