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Exclusive: Megan Fox Interview

We catch up with Megan Fox, currently starring in cinemas opposite Shia LeBeouf as Mikaela Banes in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen…


We catch up with Megan Fox, currently starring in cinemas opposite Shia LaBeouf as Mikaela Banes in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen…

So what is different about Transformers this time?
I don’t know if it was so different. It was just bigger. It’s twice the movie that the first one was. So it was the same experience just bigger and harder. I mean, physically this one was really exhausting. I thought the first one was bad, this one was rough. It was a fight to survive it.

Do you have more stunts this time or more bluescreen?
There’s no bluescreen. There was no bluescreen on this one. Michael Bay does it all for real. We ran through a 1,000 gallon gas bomb. It’s the biggest explosion in film history with the actors involved. So the stunts were bigger and crazier this time, and there were more of them.

Do you think your beauty is something that goes against you?

No. It pisses me off when people f**king say that. When people complain about, ‘I’m too beautiful to get this part.’ That’s bullshit. You wouldn’t be working if you weren’t attractive. Hollywood is the most superficial thing you could possibly be a part of and if I weren’t attractive I wouldn’t be working at all.

What do you appreciate most about working with Shia?
Shia makes me laugh more than anybody I’ve ever known in my life. I almost cry every time I’m with him. I end up crying or almost peeing myself. So he’s just my favourite. I love you Shia.

How do you escape the craziness of Hollywood?
It’s a choice. I just don’t get involved. A) I have no friends and B) I never leave my house. You just have to make a choice to refuse to be involved in things that could get you in trouble, because I am 22 and I do go through stuff. Like, it’s easy when you feel depressed or upset about something to want to go to a club and want a drink, and want to forget what’s… just to build a disconnect that way. But instead I sort of force myself to sit and feel it, and deal with it, and try to grow from it, because I just don’t want to go down that path.