Dracula Season 2: Katie McGrath is the one to watch

Dracula’s Nonso Anozie talks playing a more refined Renfield and fight scene hopes for Season 2

Nonso Anozie
Nonso Anozie as Renfield in NBC and Sky Living’s Dracula

Fans of NBC’s Dracula have been thrilled by Nonso Anozie’s restrained, charismatic turn as the bloodsucking ‘Alexander Grayson’s’ (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) right-hand man and attorney Renfield.

When SciFiNow talked to the Game Of Thrones star about what we can expect from Renfield in a potential Season 2, which has yet to be announced, he told us that the steadfast Renfield isn’t going anywhere.

“I think Renfield has proven that he’s loyal to the last,” he explains. “I don’t think he’s the person you have to worry about in terms of being loyal; it’s the other characters that are around their relationship that maybe you have to worry about, that are more unpredictable.

“Even in the face of certain death, he’s proven that he is pretty much unshakeable, and I don’t doubt his loyalty. Even into a new season, thinking about what Season 2 holds, I’m sure it will reveal that Renfield’s not going anywhere soon.”

Indeed, it’s that loyalty that Anozie believes has endeared his character to fans of the show.

“I think something that connects with them is the loyalty, the loyalty to Dracula, and I think people are really rooting for Grayson to get what he wants. Which was always the big challenge with this TV show, to make him a kind of antihero, and it’s difficult when he’s a blood-sucking vampire and you want to really hate him.

“But Jonathan Rhys Meyers has done such a good job of playing him, and we bounce off each other so well that it creates a space for Renfield to facilitate him getting what he wants, being the devil’s advocate and being the loyal friend that steers him in the right direction.”

Merlin's Katie McGrath as Lucy Westenra in Dracula
Merlin’s Katie McGrath as Lucy Westenra in Dracula

While Anozie’s quiet, intellectual performance has been hugely effective, fans are pretty much unanimous in wanting to see Renfield put his imposing physique to use in a fight sequence, and it’s something that the actor is definitely interested in.

“Oh yeah, absolutely,”  he enthuses. “I’ve done quite a few action films, and I definitely would love to do more. Renfield is the kind of character that would be really stirring in the action scenes, there’s scenes where I think they’ve focused on him being an intellectual character, but I think he could hold his own in a fight. I’m very keen to see what happens next season.”

Speaking of a next season, we couldn’t help but wonder if Anozie was hoping to share scenes with a few more actors if a Season 2 happened, and he picks out another recently vampiric cast member…

“I think there’s  probably going to be more scenes with Katie McGrath, who plays Lucy. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens, because having another vampire around will be quite interesting…”

Dracula Season 1 is released on Blu-ray and DVD on 10 February 201. You can pre-order the Blu-ay for £25 at Amazon.co.uk.