Doctor Who’s Matt Smith talks Series 7 Part 2

Doctor Who Series 7.2 is about “transition, change and excitement” says Matt Smith

SciFiNow caught up with Doctor Who star Matt Smith to find out what’s in store when the Series 7 returns in Spring 2013. New companion played by Jenna Louise Coleman will be fully integrated into the Whoniverse, having appeared in this year’s Christmas special, and the Ponds will be left in the past.

“I think it was all about the fall of the Ponds and their demise and the next season will be all about the new companion and sort of meeting her and introducing her into the world of Doctor Who,” says Matt Smith. “Which is what the show does and is one of the really exciting things about this show, that transition and change and excitement and anticipation that that creates ”

Every companion has their own unique impact on the Time Lord, with Amy giving him a verbal slap every time he veered away from his more human nature into alien territory. So what kind of Doctor is he with Clara on board? “It’s something that you learn as you go quite a lot of the time, because obviously I don’t know Jenna when she gets the job, just like any job but this particularly where the relationships and their relationship throughout the show is so important to the story, it’s something that is constantly evolving as you get to know each other a bit better,” he says.

The pair are having a lot of fun getting to know one another, though, having already been spotted riding a motor bike through London during filming. Smith says he still gets the same buzz he’s always had from being the Eleventh Doctor, “I was filming yesterday and I can’t even begin to explain—I know, again, I’m sorry to sort of tease you and not say anything, but it was this wonderful set with this array of particular characters and it was like a sort of fairy land of alien world.  It was remarkable, and me and Jenna were just going, “Good day at work, right?”

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