Continuum Season 4 is happening “because of the fans”

Rachel Nichols explains why the fans are to thank for Continuum’s final season

Rachel Nichols ContinuumContinuum is making its long-awaited return to the UK with its Season Three premiere tomorrow night on SyFy, and we’re so pleased that it’s finally here.

“I’m also very excited that Continuum’s third season is making it to the UK,” laughs Rachel Nichols, who plays time-travelled cop Kiera Cameron, hurled from 2077 to present day Vancouver, chasing terrorists who made the jump with her. “It’s been good news for the fans on Twitter, they’ve been very, very excited that it’s coming.”

Nichols teases a few details for the UK fans who’ve been avoiding spoilers while Season 3 aired in the States, left wondering what happened to genius Alec Sadler (Eric Knudsen) following his time jump. “At the end of Season 2, as we know, Alec went back in time to save Emily and I’m certainly not spoiling anything by saying that Season 3 begins with two Alec Sadlers,” she reveals. “And two Kiera Camerons. Obviously you can’t have more than one of the same person running around in the same timeline, and that’s where we begin.

“The relationship between Alec and Kiera for Season 3, or between Kiera and the Alecs, for Season 3 is extremely turbulent, and one of the most interesting things that we do in Season 3 and it’s fascinating to watch Eric play two very different versions of Alec. There are new alliances, there are some new characters, there are some new timelines that come into play, not just 2077 in the present day. I always say you’ve got to really pay attention, you can’t be cooking dinner or doing the laundry while watching the show, you’ve got to pay attention or you’re going to miss something important.”

Continuum castAlthough Continuum fans can be pleased with the fact that there’s a fourth season on the way, the sad reality is that it will be the final one. However, Nichols stresses that she’s pleased to have a chance to finish the story properly.

“Yeah, that’s the silver lining,” she agrees. “It’s disappointing that the fourth season is going to be the final season as I would have enjoyed playing Kiera for years and years to come, because there’s just so much more there and there’s so many more timelines and so many more visitors and so many more things to uncover, but yeah I’m very happy that the show is being given the respect and the opportunity to tie it up. I’m not guaranteeing that everything is going to be tied up in a nice neat bow, because I really don’t think that it’s going to be, but I think questions will be answered and the story will be relatively complete.

“I’m very, very happy about that, I’m happy about it for myself, I’m happy about it for my co-stars, the crew that works on the show, the creator Simon Barry and the fans. I’m sad that it’s over but happy that we get a chance to end it because the worst thing is having three great seasons of a show and so many questions and then zero answers forever! [laughs]”

When it comes to credit for the final season, Nichols is quick to tell us that, without its fans, she doesn’t think Continuum would have made it this far.

“The fans for Continuum have been so supportive and I largely give credit to them for Season 4,” she tells us. “I don’t know if we would have a Season 4 if the fans hadn’t been so pleasantly aggressive asking when the show was coming back and if it was coming back, and they love it so much, and I think it’s coming back because the fans wanted it to come back. I don’t think we’d have a Season 4 if the fans hadn’t been so supportive and so demanding of it. If I could thank them all individually I would, I think that would take a very long time!”

Continuum Season 3 starts on Wednesday 28 January at 10pm on Syfy