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Anna Torv interview

We caught up with the Fringe actress a little while back.

What are you looking forward to this season?

We sort of haven’t touched on it for a while but I do like the ethical dilemmas – what is that line and should you cross it? – but we have veered away from that a little bit now, we’ve kicked into the other universe a lot this season. I love that they have embraced it so much this season in that we have got whole episodes that are happening in the other universe. Today is a procedural, one of our stand-alones, a procedural episode except with the other team, in the other universe and I think that’s extremely cool.

As an audience, we want to know what makes B-Olivia tick.

So do I. She is completely the same person as Olivia genetically and when we first went over there I would have liked to have put her as a completely different character but essentially they are in exactly the same job, they are so much alike that they have ended up with the same partner in Charlie, and the same boss, so they are pretty, pretty close, and that’s not giving anything away because at the end of the second season you find out that Faux-livia is in our world and Olivia is over here so I still really haven’t had any time with Faux-livia in her real environment so I don’t know. I’d really like to find out more about her because I think she will be a bit of a different person when she ends up going back. I don’t know what they are planning, but if we end up keeping this parallel universe, Olivia is going to end up getting back there but if we do stick on this other side for a bit I think it will be fun to watch them fight it out, that would be cool.

Is it hard not to slip into the other character?

Yes, just because we don’t get time to prepare. We are usually shooting two episodes at the same time and not only are they very similar but I am playing them both being the other one, so in the alternate universe I have our Olivia thinking she is B-Olivia, but every now and again not. And then B-Olivia on the other side pretending to be Olivia.

Is B-Olivia a better match for Peter?

No I think B-Olivia would eat Peter. I think B-Olivia is kind of content she has got her life and she is cocksure and happy and on it. The thing between Olivia and Peter is that I think Olivia thinks a little more deeply about things and what she finds attractive about Peter is that lost boy, what’s gone on and his back-story speaks to Olivia who has I imagine a tendency towards those kind of scarred people. But B-Olivia, she just wants it straight up.