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Unhallowed Ground clip threats don’t work on ghosts

Threatening to shoot a ghost just doesn’t work in exclusive clip from Unhallowed Ground

British horror Unhallowed Ground is now out on DVD and we’ve got an exclusive clip for you.

“As the lone moon rises over wild and uninhabited moors, a group of friends find themselves lost and desperate for shelter when they arrive at the door of an abandoned building, long rumoured to hide a secret vault full of treasured artefacts. Hastening through the creaking doors, the group begin their wait for the darkest hours of the night to pass; but as the wind tears through the trees outside, the teenagers quickly realise they are not alone. When a gang of burglars suddenly arrive in search of the vault, unexplained noises, apparitions and disturbing whispers echo through the empty corridors. The house is stirring and as the ghostly noises take a deadly, malevolent turn, the teenagers realise that they must escape both the spirits and the burglars or become victims before the night is over…”

Unhallowed Ground is available on DVD now and you can buy it for £7 at Amazon.co.uk. Keep up with the latest horror news with the new issue of SciFiNow.