The Dead Lands exclusive action-packed clip fights the legend

Exclusive clip for James Cameron-endorsed Maori action fantasy The Dead Lands brings the action

We’ve got an exclusive clip from Tao Fraser’s intense Maori action movie The Dead Lands, which gives you a taste of the kind of gritty thrills you can expect.

Coming with the James Cameron stamp of approval, The Dead Lands has played at festivals around the world and is now available on DVD and VOD.

“Hongi (James Rolleston), the son of a Maori tribal chief, seeks to avenge the members of his tribe after an ambush by a rival leaves the majority of them dead. In order to do this, Hongi must seek the help of the legendary Warrior (Lawrence Makoare), who rules over the nearby area known only as the ‘Dead Lands’…

The Dead Lands is available on DVD and VOD today. You can buy it for £7.75 at Keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.