SciFiNow + Issue 4 is Here – Read it for Free

Possessor, The Creature From the Black Lagoon, Star Trek and more, only in new SciFiNow+

SciFiNow+ Issue 4

Every two weeks our digital magazine SciFiNow+ goes live on The Companion, giving you the very best of new sci-fi, fantasy and horror, but without the sticky floor and strip lights of your nearest newsagent.

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No ads and no clickbait, The Companion is dedicated to original long reads and exclusive in-depth interviews on the likes of Stargate, Farscape, Star Trek, Quantum Leap, The X-Files, and more. Basically, they write about the shows that made us who we are and inspired SciFiNow back in the beginning. In this uncertain era of trolls and contrarian hot takes, it’s amazing to see someone else prepared to give it all for the geeks.

Your membership to The Companion gets you three epic long reads a week, as well as early access to showrunner podcasts, invites to live events and AMAs, and, of course, every single issue of SciFiNow+ as it’s released. You can also download the free app in the App Store or Google Play and explore tons of bonus features not available on the site.

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