Saw: The Experience: Live the nightmare with new London escape experience

You can be immersed in the world of Saw this Halloween with a live escape experience inspired by the horror franchise.

saw the experience london

Do you want to play a game? Well, there’s a new escape experience coming to London this Halloween that even Jigsaw would be proud of with Saw: The Experience.

This is a fully immersive, narrative-driven, theatrical experience produced by The Path Entertainment Group, in official partnership with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures no less!

Watch the trailer here…

In keeping with the theme of the Saw films, the experience is said to allows players to have tangible effects on not only the narrative of their own experience, but also the experience of other players on the journey with them.

‘Choice, consequence and living with your actions will be core to ensuring Saw: The Experience is authentic and true to the franchise that fans love,’ the live escape experience has said. ‘With its global box office passing $1 billion last year, the Saw franchise continues to expand the world of Jigsaw for fans on and off the screen. This brand-new attraction is sure to appeal to fans of the film franchise and daring thrill-seekers alike.’

Let the games begin…

Saw: The experience is opening in London on 27 October. Book your tickets here.