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Pigeon Shrine FrightFest at Glasgow Film Festival: 2024 horror line-up revealed

Check out what ghoulish treats await at the 2024 Glasgow FrightFest…

Horror fantasy event Pigeon Shrine FrightFest returns to the renowned Glasgow Film Festival (GFF) from Thurs 7 March to Sat 9 March 2024 and the official line-up has been revealed!

This year’s line-up, once again housed at the iconic Glasgow Film Theatre, comprises twelve films from eight countries, spanning three continents, embracing three world and eight UK premieres.

“We live in amazing times of change in the delivery of the audiovisual experience,” says festival co-director Alan Jones, “but festivals like the GFF and FrightFest remain constant and committed to bringing all of these advances together for lively debate because the magic of cinema knows no boundaries.”

Check out the full line-up below…

Thursday 7 March

You’ll Never Find Me (UK Premiere)

An isolated man living in the back of a desolate caravan park is visited by a desperate young woman seeking shelter from a violent storm. As the savage storm worsens, these solitary souls begin to feel threatened- but who should really be afraid?

Who? Directors: Josiah Allen & Indianna Bell. Cast: Brendan Rock, Jordan Cowan.

When? 20: 50

Where? GFT Screen 1

Friday 8 March

The Deep Dark  (UK Premiere)

It’s 1856 and in the historic coal mines of Northern France a group of miners find themselves trapped in the subterranean depths after a cave-in. But they are not alone…Decades later veteran miner Roland accompanies Professor Berthier underground to take samples. A sudden landslide prevents them from surfacing, and they too must face the ancient mutant that constantly craves blood.

Who? Director: Mathieu. Turi Cast: Samuel LeBihan, Amir El Kacem, Jean-Hughes Anglade.

When? 15:25

Where? GFT Screen 1

The Invisible Raptor (UK premiere)

The Tyler Corporation has figured out how to genetically engineer a prehistoric raptor, but they didn’t stop there…they also made it invisible. Unfortunately for them, he’s a really smart invisible raptor. After breaking out of it’s enclosure, it’s now up to amusement park palaeontologist, Dr Grant Walker and hapless Security Guard, Denny Denielson to stop the predator before it wreaks havoc on the entire community of Spielburgh County.

Who? Director: Mike Hermosa. Cast: Mike Capes, Sean Astin, Sandy Martin.

When? 18:00

Where? GFT Screen 1

Wake Up (UK Premiere)

A group of young activists set out to make a political statement by vandalizing a home superstore as it closes. But their plan goes terribly wrong when they become trapped inside and must face a deranged security guard with a gruesome passion for primitive hunting. As the night fills with violence and terror, a desperate fight for their lives begins.

Who? Directors: François Simard, Anouk Whissell, Yoann-Karl Whissell. Cast: Turlough Convery, Benny O. Arthur, Jacqueline Moré.

When? 20:45

Where? GFT Screen 1

Plus: Mouse (UK Premiere) Short Movie

A young woman faces great danger as she walks home at night through a predatory city. Or does she?

Who? Director: Ewan j Fletcher. Cast: Rebecca Robin, Sandy Batchelor.

Where? GFT Screen 1

Kill Your Lover (UK Premiere)

Dakota has had enough of her toxic relationship with Axel, but the feeling isn’t mutual. As she tries to end things, Axel begins turning into something different, something monstrous. He gradually succumbs to the poison of the decaying relationship, becoming a creature with increased aggression, a touch that melts skin and worst of all, he’s contagious.

Who? Alix Austin, Keir Siewert. Cast: Paige Gilmour, Shane Quigley Murphy, May Kelly.

When? 23:05

Where? GFT Screen 1

Saturday 9 March

Mom (World Premiere)

Meredith is a struggling mother abandoned by her family and partner after the appalling death of their newborn son. Alone in her house, she becomes more isolated, unaware that the death of her baby has caused the birth of something far more sinister.

Who? Director: Adam O’Brien. Cast: Emily Hampshire, François Arnaud, Christian Convery.

When? 10:30

Where? GFT Screen 1

The Funeral (Scottish Premiere)

Cemal, a lonely hearse driver, has been entrusted to secretly transport the body of a murdered young woman, Zeynep, to her parents’ home at their final request. But during the journey the woman’s body comes back to life, Cemal falls in love with the undead woman. Now he must constantly feed her flesh by committing his own murders.

Who? Director: Orcun Behram. Cast Ahmet Rifat Sungar, Cansu Türedi, Tekin Temel.

When? 13:00

Where? GFT Screen 1

Custom (World Premiere)

Jasper and Harriet are arthouse pornographers struggling to make ends meet. Their stock in trade is producing custom made erotic films for an exclusive clientele into the forbidden, the shocking and the strange. As they hit rock bottom that’s when they encounter ‘The Audience’, a mysterious client offering life-changing money to perform strange rituals on videotape.

Who? Director: Tiago Teixeira. Cast: Abigail Hardingham, Rowan Polonski, Brad Moore.

When? 15:35

Where? GFT Screen 1

Plus: Subject 73 (World Premiere) short movie

In a mysterious experiment, a participant’s pursuit of wealth unravels as money and morality clash.

Who? Director: Reiff Gaskell. Cast: Freya Warsi.

Where? GFT Screen 1

The Well (UK Premiere)

Lisa Gray (Lauren LaVera), a budding art restorer, travels to the small Italian village of Sambuci just outside Rome to bring a medieval painting back to its former glory for a wealthy and titled client. Little does she know she is placing her life in danger from an evil curse and a monster born of myth and brutal pain.

Who? Director: Federico Zampaglione. Cast: Lauren LaVera, Claudia Gerini, Giovanni Lombardo Radice.

When? 18:05

Where? GFT Screen 1

All You Need Is Death (UK Premiere)

A young couple records and collects folk songs in rural Ireland, selling them to a mysterious, rich buyer. When rumours of a song never-before-heard reach the couple, they find themselves in an uneasy alliance with a music professor to discover an ancient song, a taboo ballad that may end up unlocking some dark truth from the forgotten past that will alter all their isolated lives.

Who? Director: Paul Duane. Cast: Simone Collins, Olwen Fouéré, Gary Whelan.

When? 20:25

Where? GFT Screen 1

Last Straw (UK Premiere)

A rural roadside diner becomes the host of a maniacal killing spree – leaving young waitress Nancy to clean up the bloody mess. After firing the staff at her dad’s diner, she covers the last shift of the night by herself. Little does she know though; she is far from alone. The day is coming back to haunt her and when things begin to spiral out of control, she must fight for her life over the course of one long night.

Who? Director: Alan Scott Neal. Cast: Jessica Belkin, Jeremy Sisto, Taylor Kowalski.

When? 22:45

Where? GFT Screen 1

FrightFest Weekend Passes are £83 and available from noon on Friday 19 January 2024.  Passes will be exchanged for admission wristbands, which must be worn at all times to access all FrightFest films on Fri 8 March and Sat 9 March ONLY.

Individual tickets for the Fri/Sat films are on sale Monday 29 January, from noon. Price: £11.80 / £9.50 (concessions).

Tickets for Glasgow Film Festival can be bought online here, via telephone at 0141 332 6535 or in person at Glasgow Film Theatre, 12 Rose Street, Glasgow G3 6RB.

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