Nightsiren: Exclusive clip from witchy supernatural drama

Nightsiren: Exclusive clip from witchy supernatural drama

There are dangerous things in the woods in our exclusive clip from Tereza Nvotová’s Nightsiren.

Tereza Nvotová’s supernatural drama, Nightsiren, is being released on Limited Edition Blu-ray by Arrow Video next month, and to celebrate we have an exclusive clip of the movie!

The movie follows Šarlota (Natália Germáni) who, in the wake of a tragic past, returns to her mountainous hometown after years of absence. After befriending Mira (Eva Mores), a spirited young herbalist, Šarlota stumbles upon the forgotten tale of an ancient witch and a wild child. Together, they embark on a quest to unearth the village’s buried secrets. But as Šarlota delves deeper into the mysteries, she becomes entangled in a web of ancient legends turned reality. Accused of witchcraft and murder by fearful villagers, she must explore the darkness at the heart of the town to clear her name and confront the shadows of her past.

In our exclusive video from Nightsiren, an innocent game turns deadly when the forest’s creatures make themselves known. Check out the clip here…

The new Arrow Video Limited Edition High Definition Blu-ray includes a new audio commentary by film critic Kat Ellinger; a brand new video essay on witches and the idea of “sisterhood” as it pertains to both biological bonds and feminist collectivity by film critic and author Alexandra Heller-Nicholas; a double-sided foldout poster featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Beth Morris, plus much more!

Nightsiren is released on Blu-ray and available on ARROW from June 3rd. Order your copy here.

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