Win Insidious on Blu-ray and a signed poster

Grab yourself a copy of this year’s best horror film so far

To celebrated the release of Insidious on DVD and Blu-ray, the latest work from acclaimed masters of horror James Wan and Leigh Whannell – the creators of Saw – we’ve got one copy of the movie on Blu-ray and a poster signed by Wan and Whannell to give away, and three copies of the Blu-ray for three runners up.

Insidious (certificate 15) will be released on DVD (£15.99) and Blu-ray (£19.99) by Momentum Pictures on, September 12, 2011. Special Features include: Horror 101: The Exclusive Seminar; On Set With Insidious; Insidious Entities, and SciFiNow’s review of the film described it as “fraught with fear and anticipation”

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