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Former billionaire playboy turned vigilante archer, Oliver Queen has faced many a foe whilst protecting Star City as The Arrow, but none can rival the strength and brutality of Ra’s al Ghul. Season 4 follows Arrow and his team as they fight for their lives and the safety of their city against a barrage of foes including the League of Assassins, as The Arrow’s identity is revealed and Ra’s al Ghul has a special request for our Emerald Archer. To celebrate the release of Arrow Season 4 on Blu-rayTM and DVD now, we are taking a look at the main characters defending Star City and giving you the amazing chance to win a 42” TV, Arrow box set and Blu-ray player.


Oliver Queen/Arrow

After his family yacht was shipwrecked in the South Pacific, Oliver was marooned on a deserted island called Lian Yu. Here he met a hooded man named Yao Fei, who nursed him back to health and ultimately taught Oliver how become a master with a bow and arrow. Following 5 years on the island, Oliver returned to Star City with the mission of ridding the city of crime and corruption with the help of his comrades in Team Arrow.

Laurel Lance/Black Canary

Laurel is the on/off romantic interest of our beloved Arrow, and former lawyer who (after the death of her sister) trained to become a vigilante, like her sister The Canary. The Black Canary is famed for her black leather fighting suit paired with a black mask and a blonde wig, to hide her identity from her enemies and keep her family safe. Cisco Ramon made her a very powerful sonic weapon known as the ‘Canary Cry’ which fires a sonic blast capable of blasting an adult male several feet through the air.


Roy Harper/Arsenal

This street-savvy, secretive individual was injected with the ‘Mirakuru’ that drastically enhanced his physical condition, granting him the strength to lift almost a ton in weight, catch an arrow fired at him and heal a broken leg in less than 24 hours. Even though these abilities were short-lived and cured by S.T.A.R Labs, Roy managed to secure his place on Team Arrow as Arrow’s sidekick as an expert archer.

John Diggle

As a bodyguard, ex-soldier and former member of the Suicide Squad, John is a qualified ally of Team Arrow with extensive training in martial arts, archery, firearms and swordsmanship. Originally John was assigned as Oliver Queen’s bodyguard, but after learning the identity of his brother’s killer he decided to work with the vigilante.


Felicity Smoak/Overwatch

Felicity is a technologically gifted computer scientist and former employee of ‘Queen Consolidated’, where she met the CEO Oliver Queen to whom she would become engaged (for a time). Miss Smoak coined the name Team Arrow and worked extensively on the vast array of technology present in the ‘Arrowcave’ until the end of her engagement with Arrow.

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