This Week’s Geek Chic: Attack Kittens and Marvel Nouveau

Two more t-shirts for the style-conscious geek

Alfons Mucha was probably a mutant, in fact if the long-held theory that his scream was a self-portrait is finally validated than we can take this as a fact. Long believers in this crackpot theory/evident truth, Mighty Fine have an amazing range of art nouveau style Marvel t-shirts depicting superheroic stalwarts Phoenix (pictured left), Iron Man, Mystique, Deadpool, Galactus, Rogue and Shadowcat.

Next up, another gem from Genki’s summer range this shirt is doubtless inspired by the B-movie convention of sinister experiments guardian the lairs of mad scientists – see absolutely everything ever all the way up to Resident Evil. Genki being Genki, they’re not content to let pat a cliche on the bum and release it back into the world – they’ve given it their own cutesy spin.

Available in an array of fast disappearing sizes and a wide array of colours for £14.99 – act quick before the Attack Kittens get you!