Superman to die…again? Doomsday returns

Monster that almost ruined Nineties comics re-emerges.

DC Universe has teased the Reign Of Doomsday storyline on its blog, depicting the creature as having defeated the entire Superman family. Doomsday, as anyone reading comics in the Nineties will recall, was the murderous alien that managed to kill Kal-El (as the hero also stopped Doomsday) during The Death Of Superman, one of the biggest story arcs ever released in comic books.

The first part of the Reign Of Doomsday occurred in the recently-released Steel one-shot, while the story will continue in Outsiders issue 37, on-sale in March. The Death Of Superman, you may recall (or not), almost made it onto my list of comic book storylines we could have done without; not quite, though, since it’s still worth reading to enrich your knowledge of comic books, as well as their creative limitations.