The Avengers Assemble Trailer: 5 Best Bits

The new Avengers Assemble trailer is here! We pick the 5 best bits from Joss Whedon’s massive Marvel superhero movie

The new Avengers Assemble trailer is here!

5 Best Bits from The Avengers Assemble trailer

Angst issues

Captain America is sending punching bags across the room and looking unhappy at the revelation of waking up in the noughties and missing a hot date. “You here with a mission sir?” he asks Nick Fury, showing he still has his manners, “trying to get me back in the world?” “Trying to save it,” comes the quick retort from Samuel L Jackson’s Fury.

Sexual tension

Black Widow is sexing up the Avengers affair with thigh tackles and hair flips. Here, she seems to be flirting with the Hulk, saying “Doctor, we need you to come in,” and when Dr. Bruce Banner asks what she’ll do if he says no, she replies “I’ll persuade you…”

Iron Man’s one liners

“I thought I didn’t qualify,” Tony Stark accuses, “apparently I’m – what was it – volatile, self-obsessed and don’t play well with others.” From the trailers we’ve seen so far, Iron Man is definitely the Avenger with the best one-liners.

Loki vs Fury

“How desperate are you that you call on such lost creatures to defend the Earth?” Loki looks and sounds genuinely evil in this shot and the quick montage of clips showing the Avengers turning against each other backs up his words. No one does feelings like Joss Whedon.

Hulk saves Iron Man

Iron Man battles alien ships and is shot from the sky and it’s the Hulk who swings in to save him. The situation looks pretty dire for our Avengers in the latter half of the trailer with Thor screaming “NOOO!” and Black Widow saying “This is nothing we were ever trained for.”

The Avengers Assemble will be released April 26th in the UK.