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Star Wars: what would you do if you could use the Force?

We’re sad every day that we can’t use the Force

Everyone has thought about what they would do if they had the power of the Force. There is no shame in it; the Force is one of the most iconic powers in movie history, and rightly so – it’s what makes the Star Wars universe so magical. So, what would the perks of being a Force-sensitive person in the real world, apart from obviously acing the Star Wars quiz found here?

The first would be the amazing power of the mind-trick. Can you imagine the advantages of being able to convince people to do what you want by simply concentrating and waving your hand? Any minor inconvenience gone, just like that. Late to work? No, you’re not! Want a week off, full pay? You got it! Speeding ticket? Nope! The mind trick then is probably what a lot of people would want most when thinking about Force powers – because it puts the user above the regular rules! Of course, the mind trick only works on the weak minded so you would always have to be mindful over who you were trying to manipulate…

The second thing most people would be excited about would be the new opportunities to be lazy. The ability to manipulate the environment around you means that there would be no more getting up to get yourself a drink, no more pesky moving to grab a remote control. Instead, you can simply lie back and summon whatever you want to you by concentrating. And remember: Yoda himself said ‘Size matters not’. Meaning that no matter what it is you want, you can always make it come to you (or in some circumstances away from you. Parallel parking would be a lot easier, wouldn’t it?

Another thing most people would be excited about if they were Force-sensitive would be the incredible speed and dexterity it would offer them. For example, the amazingly fast speed that would be available to you through force running would make it almost completely needless to own a car! Running at lightning speed and floating your stuff around behind you would be way more fun at any rate. Plus, if you were ever running late for anything you could use the force to create yourself a distraction, slip in lightning fast and pretend you had been there the whole time. Very useful.

What about more practical uses though? Well, with Jedi’s able to use the Force to help them into healing trances, there would be no more need for lengthy hospital waiting times or visits to the doctor. Fighting on the phone for an appointment with the GP early in the morning would become a thing of the past. Instead, you would heal literally any ailment by sitting down, meditating, and then a few hours later voilà! You’re healed. No more colds, office bugs, or fresher’s flu; just a nice sit down, maybe a brew and you are done. The biggest advantage to all of this though? Never having to suffer through a hangover again.

Add all of these abilities together with a Jedi’s keen sense of intuition and you will defiantly have the upper hand in the modern world, and why wouldn’t you? One step ahead of everyone around you at all times. However, you may want to be careful trying to get ahead. After all, misuse of the Force is a path to the dark side.

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