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Spider-Man: No Way Home: First teaser trailer revealed!

Peter Parker is dealing with the whole world knowing that he’s Spider-Man in the first teaser trailer for Spiderman: No Way Home…

Spiderman No Way Home

The first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has arrived and it includes a whole load of spoilers to marvel (sorry) over…

Firstly, it finds Peter Parker reeling from Mysterio revealing that he’s Spider-Man to the world; a situation he’s certainly not comfortable in! Benedict Cumberbatch is also joining the fray as Doctor Strange (but maybe don’t call him Stephen, that’s weird) as he tries to help Parker but unintentionally plays around with the multiverse which results in… Okay we’ll stop talking and let you watch for yourselves.

Yes Alfred Molina is back as Doctor Octopus alongside a teaser for the Green Goblin in the first trailer Spider-Man: No Way Home, which sees for the first time in the cinematic history of Spider-Man, that our friendly neighborhood hero is unmasked and is no longer able to separate his normal life from the high-stakes of being a super hero. When he asks for help from Doctor Strange the stakes become even more dangerous, forcing him to discover what it truly means to be Spider-Man…

Directed by Jon Watts (Spider-Man: Far From Home), and written by Chris McKenna (The Lego Batman Movie) and Erik Sommers (Ant-Man), Spider-Man: No Way Home stars Tom Holland (Chaos Walking), Zendaya (Dune), Jon Favreau (Avengers: Endgame), Jacob Batalon (Spiderman: Far From Home), and Marisa Tomei (The First Purge) all reprising their roles from the previous Spidey films.

Spider-Man: No Way Home swings into theaters on December 17.