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New The Nun clips focus on fear and urge you to ‘never stop praying’

Taissa Farmiga and Demian Bichir get a fright from sinister sister Valak in three new The Nun clips

The Nun is finally released in UK cinemas soon and it looks like the promotional campaign is revving things up so as to prepare us for the ‘darkest chapter in The Conjuring universe’ yet. In anticipation, Warner Bros Studios has unveiled three new clips (via Bloody Disgusting) that not only establish the film’s gorgeous Gothic aesthetic but focus heavily on the fear too.

Those who have been paying attention to the footage roll-out so far will recognise one of the videos as the ‘jump scare moment’ from the film’s first trailer. In it, Sister Irene (played by American Horror Story‘s Taissa Farmiga) walks the darkened halls of a Romanian abbey as she unknowingly stalked by a cloaked figure wearing a habit. She turns to face the mysterious menace, pointing her lantern towards their face, but as she does so, the titular demonic nun (who is once again brought to life by Bonnie Aarons) attacks her from the left of the screen and pins her against the stone wall opposite.

The second amplifies the first’s creepiness and features Demián Bichir’s priest Father Burke scamper down a corridor, only to be confronted by several sister-like entities with obscured faces. As they draw nearer, he opens his lantern and splashes its wax and gas on the floor, before throwing the candle among the spilled substances and chanting: ‘Holy fire, protect us from all evil spirits with your holy light!”

The third, which is arguably the most atmospheric, sees Irene and her fellow sisters gather together inside the abbey’s chapel. They barricade the door as one turns to Irene and urges, “We need to pray now and whatever happens, whatever you may see or hear, keep your eyes forward. Don’t stop praying.”

As the music grows quiet and our nerves build, an aerial shot of the crouching sisters provides the perfect vantage point to see Irene’s new acquaintances suddenly be thrown about like rag dolls. It’s truly chilling stuff!

Directed by Corin Hardy, The Nun also stars Game of Thrones‘ Charlotte Hope and Elle actor Jonas Bloquet.

The Nun is released on Friday 7 September.