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Kristen Stewart on R-Rated sex scenes in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two

“In the second film we just wanted to be like animals,” says Kristen Stewart on Bella and Edward’s love scenes

The news that Kristen Stewart cheated on onscreen/offscreen beau Robert Pattinson with the Snow White And The Huntsman director has overshadowed Breaking Dawn – Part 2 of late. But that’s still happening this November.

It’s the final instalment in the saga that sees Bella fully transformed into a vampire, and Stewart couldn’t wait for those scenes. “I felt like, ‘Wow, I’m a sports car. Let’s break it in!'” she says, “Especially in the book, my favourite part is, ‘Break her in, man! Let’s see what she can do!'”

In the novel this involves jumping out of the window, running through the forest and taking down her first prey, but there’s also the little fact that Edward doesn’t have to worry about bruising her in the bedroom anymore…

“We were supposed to have mind-boggling, otherworldly sex in Breaking Dawn – Part One. But the first one was sweet. It was about discovery and it was so not raunchy,” she says. “Nothing about this series is raunchy. But in the second one we just wanted to be like animals. We tried and they told us that it was rated R.”

Of course, last time they did that they made Renesmee, a daughter that sucked the life out Bella. This is going to see a change in the relationship between the love triangle, as Robert Pattinson says: “Now it’s a circle. I give [Jacob] my daughter. I sacrifice my daughter to him.”