Earwig And The Witch: Studio Ghibli animation release announced

Goro Miyazaki’s Earwig And The Witch will be released next year and includes Richard. E. Grant and Dan Stevens in its English language voice dub version.

earwig and the witch

Elysian Film Group Distribution has announced the brand new Studio Ghibli feature film animation Earwig And The Witch, as the company’s debut release and will be in cinemas next spring!

Here is a synopsis of the film…

Growing up in an orphanage in the British countryside, Earwig has no idea that her mother had magical powers. Her life changes dramatically when a strange couple takes her in, and she is forced to live with a selfish witch. As the headstrong young girl sets out to uncover the secrets of her new guardians, she discovers a world of spells and potions, and a mysterious song that may be the key to finding the family she has always wanted.

Directed by Goro Miyazaki (From Up On Poppy Hill, Tales From Earthsea) the film is based on the children’s novel of the same name by Diana Wynne Jones (Howl’s Moving Castle) and marks Studio Ghibli’s first entirely 3DCG animated feature. Produced by Studio Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki with planning from Miyazaki’s father, the legendary Hayao Miyazaki (Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro), Earwig And The Witch is the third solo feature from Goro Miyazaki.

The English language dub version of the film will feature the voices of Richard E. Grant (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker), Dan Stevens (FX’s Legion), and introducing Taylor Paige Henderson as Earwig. In addition to her debut voice acting role as Earwig’s Mother, six-time Grammy Award winner Kacey Musgraves will also record the English language version of the film’s theme song, ‘Don’t Disturb Me’.

Earwig And The Witch will be in cinemas nationwide in Spring 2021.