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About Time New Trailer

A time-traveling rom-com written by Richard Curtis and starring Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy

about-time-rachel-mccadams-domhnall-gleeson-600x400About Time is the time-travelling rom-com written by Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and Funeral, Notting Hill and the touching Doctor Who episode, ‘Vincent And The Doctor’. Bill Nighy had a cameo as an art expert in a gallery, and he also stars in this new movie as the father to Domhnall ‘Black Mirror‘ Gleeson’s Tim, a time-traveler.

Nighy coaches him in the rules of time-travel, which sounds similar to the laws of the Whoniverse. Number one: you can’t change history, or to put it another way, “You can’t kill Hitler or shag Helen of Troy, unfortunately.”

But there’s nothing that prevents you from getting the perfect girlfriend (played by Rachel McAdams) and making sure everything goes smoothly. Incidentally, it will be McAdams’ second time playing the partner of a time-traveler, as she also starred in The Time Traveler’s Wife.

About Time will be released in the UK on 6 September 2013.