Twin Peaks: Co-Creator on Network Pressures and David Lynch Books

Twin Peaks: Co-Creator on Network Pressures and David Lynch

Revolutionary Nineties drama, Twin Peaks, pioneered the format of what eventually became serialised storytelling in all forms of television. Back in 2012, we spoke to the show’s creator and writer, Mark Frost, about the show’s early demise, how he initially planned to run it for five seasons and his collaboration with David Lynch.

Flashback: Independence Day DVD & Blu-Ray

Flashback: Independence Day

Making an almighty impact upon its release over 20 years ago, Roland Emmerich’s Independence Day helped to reinvigorate the Hollywood event movie. We take a retrospective look back at what made the movie so entertaining and speak to screenwriter Dean Devlin and production designer Patrick Tatopoulos.

Flashback: Gremlins DVD & Blu-Ray

Flashback: Gremlins

How could a team-up of Steven Spielberg, Chris Columbus and Joe Dante result in anything other than one of the definitive feel-good fantasy movies of the Eighties? You laughed, screamed and aww-ed, and now we catch up with the cast and creators of Gremlins…