Shroud: Exclusive look at Adrian Tchaikovsky's new sci-fi

Shroud: Exclusive look at Adrian Tchaikovsky’s new sci-fi

Two people find themselves on a mysterious and uninhabitable planet (for humans) in Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Shroud. Read an exclusive extract…

We’re big fans of Adrian Tchaikovsky here at SciFiNow and now the author of the Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning Children of Time is back with a gripping new story story of alien encounter and survival with Shroud.

We’re delighted to reveal the brilliant cover above PLUS we’re giving lucky SciFiNow readers an exclusive look at the book with an extract from the novel itself.

But first, check out the official synopsis of Shroud

They looked into the darkness and the darkness looked back . . .

New planets are fair game to asset strippers and interplanetary opportunists – and a commercial mission to a distant star system discovers a moon that is pitch black, but alive with radio activity. Its high-gravity, high-pressure, zero-oxygen environment is anathema to human life, but ripe for exploitation. They named it Shroud.

Under no circumstances should a human end up on Shroud’s inhospitable surface. Except a catastrophic accident sees Juna Ceelander and Mai Ste Etienne doing just that. Forced to stage an emergency landing, in a small, barely adequate vehicle, they are unable to contact their ship and are running out of time. What follows is a gruelling journey across land, sea and air. During this time, Juna and Mai begin to understand Shroud’s dominant species. It also begins to understand them . . .

If they escape Shroud, they’ll face a crew only interested in profiteering from this extraordinary world. They’ll somehow have to explain the impossible and translate the incredible. That is, if they make it back at all.

Want to discover more about the mysterious Shroud? Well we have an extract from the novel right here for you to enjoy, which sees Juna and Mai wake up on the mysterious planet and desperately trying to find a way to survive.

Click the image below to read the exclusive extract from Shroud.

Shroud will be released on 27 February 2025