Philip K. Dick: Complete short stories get The Folio Society treatment

The Folio Society has teamed up with the Philip K. Dick estate to produce a limited edition four volume set of the author’s complete short stories.

The Folio Society has teamed up with the Philip K Dick estate and worked with illustration and image-making company, La Boca, to create a limited edition complete set of the author’s short stories.

Check out the stunning set in the video here…

In 2019 the Philip K. Dick estate approached The Folio Society with a new idea for a new project. The result is The Complete Short Stories; a four-volume set celebrating the iconic author. Limited to 750 copies, this box set features an array of special features, including a two-part presentation box, bindings and endpapers designed by La Boca.

In a unique project for The Folio Society, 24 illustrators were commissioned to create their own take on one Philip K. Dick short story, chosen for them from the 118 tales. With such a variety of artists selected, the illustrations produced for this set span a wide spectrum of styles, approaches and mediums.

Find out a little more of the work involved in the video below…

The Folio Society edition is introduced with an essay by American novelist Jonathan Lethem, in which he examines how, taken together, Dick’s stories build a view of the universe that is both deeply paranoid and oddly joyful.

The interior of the box is lined with two specially designed papers; a multi-coloured ‘glitch’ pattern generated from the words ‘Folio S’ and ‘La Boca’, and a starry night sky, which the The Folio Society has said was chosen to reflect Dick’s fascination with space travel and technology.

Take a glimpse at some of the illustrations and the inside of the limied edition with our gallery…

©The Folio Society
Colony illustration by Raisa Álava ©The Folio Society
The Minority Report illustration by Dave McKean ©The Folio Society
The Golden Man illustration by G. Saunders ©The Folio Society
The Electric Ant illustration by Greg Ruth ©The Folio Society
©The Folio Society
©The Folio Society
©The Folio Society
©The Folio Society
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The Complete Short Stories of Philip K. Dick is available exclusively from The Folio Society priced at £495.