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Jurassic Park: The Folio Society Special Edition

Thirty years after its release, The Folio Society has released a special edition of Michael Crichton’s dinosaur novel, Jurassic Park.

Jurassic Park

If there’s one thing that stands out in Jurassic Park, it’s the thought of actually being able to see dinosaurs with your own eyes – it’s an inimitable tale of wonder and danger that will spark the imagination. Indeed, director Steven Spielberg understood the importance of Jurassic Park’s visuals when creating its big-screen adaptation, sparing no expense (see what we did there?) on the animatronic dinosaurs in his movie. In fact, the effects of the 1993 film still hold up today, which is saying a lot in the world of amazing computer graphics and this now being a 17 year old movie.

Now you can have a whole load more iconic Jurassic Park imagery with The Folio Society’s special edition of Michael Crichton’s original novel. Marking the 30th anniversary of the classic theme park tale, this special edition is full of brand new illustrations that will take you straight to Isla Nublar.

Check out some images from the special edition of Jurassic Park right here…

This new edition is immersive as soon as you wrap your hands around the book’s ‘dinosaur skin’-esq slip and noting the distressed safari font on the spine. That texture is still there on the book cover itself and the dramatic black-and-white title page lets you know immediately that this isn’t going to be a sweet tale of a theme park adventure. This edition also includes six striking images from artist Vector That Fox, which are all anatomically correct, as palaeontologist Steve Brusatte (who specialises in the anatomy and evolution of dinosaurs) worked closely with the artist to ensure that the illustrations were accurate.

Alongside the images, this edition also features retro recreations of the computer graphics as described in the novel, transporting you right back to the Nineties (if you were around at that time) – to the birth of the computer age, when wonders like creating dinosaurs through genetics began to seem possible.

Michael Crichton was a gifted storyteller (with a thing for theme parks – he also wrote the movie Westworld) and this is a vivid story of the dangers of genetic engineering that combines science and adventure. It elevates our obsession with dinosaurs and takes readers on a dangerous journey while making us ponder certain ethical questions.

Crichton’s novel spawned a global movie franchise that still continues today and this is where it all started. Thirty years later, the novel’s themes are just as relevant as they were back then and The Folio’s Society edition of Jurassic Park is the perfect companion to either reacquaint or introduce you to this visionary classic.

The Folio Society edition of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park, illustrated by Vector That Fox, is available exclusively from www.FolioSociety.com