Inside The Folio Society edition of Terry Pratchett’s Mort

Terry Pratchett’s Mort gets a beautiful Folio Society edition

The Folio Society’s beautiful edition of Terry Pratchett’s Mort is available now, and if you’re assuming it would be lovely, you’d be exactly right. Yes indeed, and we have some jaw-dropping pictures for you.

Pratchett’s classic is illustrated by Omar Rayyan, who is the perfect choice for the tale of a young lad who is suddenly recruited by Death himself to be his apprentice.

Sheri Gee, the Folio Society’s Art Director, tells us “I’d had the pleasure of working with Omar on two prior Folio Society editions and knew his wider portfolio well – which displays his passion for fantasy, with a fairy tale and folklore edge. He is an expert with his brush, able to give depth of character and, importantly for Discworld, wit to human and beast alike, whilst maintaining a classical aesthetic. I think his final illustrations show a real skill and playfulness, as well as a passion for the novel. From roughs to finals, we were blown away by Omar’s response!”

The gorgeous edition is bound in cloth and set in Caslon, featuring six colour illustrations and a new cover image by Rayyan, an introduction by AS Byatt, and it’s even got a little silver A’Tuin on the spine! It’s an absolutely gorgeous tribute to one of our absolute favourite Pratchett novels, and it’s available now.

“Young Mort despairs of finding a suitable career in his provincial village, until one day he is rather unexpectedly hired by a bony figure in a cowl – Death, it seems, is in need of an apprentice. Introduced to the chilly truth behind the workings of the universe, the inherently curious Mort cannot help but meddle with the laws of time and space. The resulting chaos means all manner of trouble for the stability of reality, not to mention his burgeoning love life …”

Illustrations by Omar Rayyan from The Folio Society edition of Mort. (C) OmarRayyan2016

Mort is available from The Folio Society now for £34.95