Your Star Wars memories: Kevin Hall

Everyone has an Episode I

The twelfth in our incredible series of Star Wars memories, written by you as a testament to the incredible power of the saga to transcend age, genre and cynicism. If this inspires you to submit your own, check out the details here!

I came late to the Star Wars franchise – 1999 to be exact when I was 19. I heard mumblings on the web about a certain film called The Phantom Menace. I had of course heard of Star Wars for years but never had a chance to watch the original and best films. I’d heard lots of good things about them from friends and even my grandpa had heard of the story of a young farmboy who would go off on an amazing galactic adventure. I wasn’t a true geek as I am back then but loved scifi and horror, and when I heard this was the start of a new prequel trilogy, I immediately went out and bought the DVDs of Episodes IV, V and VI.

I watched A New Hope straight through without any breaks – my eyes transfixed on the epic space adventure unfolding before me. Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Chewwie, R2 D2 and C3PO all there and all very believable characters. I loved Darth Vader – the moment he walks onto that ship you could feel his presence resonate all around. The TIE fighters, the attack run on the Death Star, the amazing special effects and iconic John Williams score. Even today I put Episode IV on before any of the others and savour every minute.

Of course I am much more of a true geek now, and I do love the battle on Hoth and the introduction of Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back, and the climatic final showdown in Return Of The Jedi. (I even love the Ewoks, but don’t tell too many people!). I love the entire Star Wars saga but Episode IV will always have a special place in my heart, as it went to watch this BEFORE going to see The Phantom Menace. And I am glad I did as I think if I had seen this one first it would have destoryed my love of Star Wars. I do believe the prequel trilogy has its moments, but nothing can beat the awesomeness of the original, and it will be a big part of my geek life forever.

Long live Star Wars!