Your scariest movie moment: Rebecca Page

The Ring may be terrifying, but you’re soon back for more

The film that had the most impact on my life has got to be The Ring. One day at school I overheard some kids talk about a film they had seen called The Ring and I was intrigued. I had no idea that the film was a horror and he be honest if I did I would definitely not have watched it as at that point in my life (I must have been about 14) I had never seen a horror film and had no plans to, but as I say I did not know this was a horror and as everyone was talking about it I wanted to be able to join in.

So that night I went to my room and booked The Ring on Sky Box Office. I didn’t really pay much attention the description; I just wanted to quickly get past the booking page before my mum caught me. What a mistake that was, the music was the first thing that made me think something was not right about this film. It wasn’t the happy, cheerful music I was used to with my chick flicks. Only one thought came to my mind… I was watching a horror.

I should have turned the TV off and stopped watching but something inside me was compelling me not to. When the film finished I did not know what to do. I was terrified and kept looking at my phone expecting it would ring. I knew that would not sleep and I was right. I didn’t help that the TV was opposite my bed and I kept imagining a girl crawling out to kill me.

Luckily I survived the night but over the coming weeks I could not get the thought of The Ring out of my mind. My imagination had never worked so hard and I was constantly jumpy. This went on for a while but after sometime the feeling of fear began to fade. What happened next shocked me the most. I was actually missing being scared. Yes you heard me right, the thing that had scared me stiff for the past few weeks was no longer scaring me and I missed it. So I decided to watch The Ring again, only this time it did not have the same impact, it was still scary but the feeling soon passed. The only way to get that original adrenalin pumping feeling back was to watch another horror. So I had a look on box office and sorted the films by genre. I found The Grudge and ordered it. Just like with the Ring I was terrified, but again was compelled to keep watching.

I have now seen hundreds of horror films and love them all, I cannot believe what I was missing out on before and it is all down to seeing The Ring.

What horror movie scarred you for life, stuck with you through your formative years, or opened your eyes to the possibilities of the genre? Let us know and you could win some amazing Halloween goodies!