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You should back Mutants & Masterminds on Kickstarter

Superhero RPG Mutants & Masterminds 10th anniversary needs your help

Mutants And Masterminds RPG Kickstarter

Kickstarter could well be the saviour of traditional geekdom. It is, after all, where some of the most much-loved niche projects are finding an incredible second life, and that’s certainly true of pioneering pen and paper RPG Mutants & Masterminds.

There’s definitely been no shortage of superhero RPGs over the years (I once bought one despite the guy in the store having written on the label “the worst game ever” and never successfully deciphered the rules for it) – Champions, Brave New World, various officially licensed DC and Marvel superhero systems – but Mutants & Masterminds was a slick and accessible take on the subgenre, using Wizards Of The Coast’s groundbreaking, fan-favourite d20 system.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2012, Green Ronin, the company behind the game want to pay back the community who have kept the game going for a decade by producing a special, deluxe hardback third edition Heroes Handbook that won’t go on sale anywhere – if you love the game, or indeed role-playing, full-stop, you totally need to get on this!