World Of Animals magazine launches today!

World Of Animals magazine’s first issue reveals the truth behind Jaws and more

World Of Animals, SciFiNow's sister magazine, launches today!
World Of Animals, SciFiNow’s sister magazine, launches today!

Steven Spielberg’s Jaws has a lot to answer for. Along with Sharknado, Ghost Shark and Shark Attack 3, it made the great white out to be a mindless man-eater. Discover the truth about the serial killer of the sea and more in SciFiNow’s new sister magazine, World Of Animals.

With breathtaking photography, captivating stories and stunning illustrations, each issue offers the safari of a lifetime that takes the reader on a fact-filled tour of the planet’s favourite wildlife, exploring the habitats, behaviour and societies of all Earth’s creatures, great and small.

On sale now, the first issue includes an in-depth look into the world of gorillas, an exposé of 50 animals dangerously close to extinction and what can be done to save them, the evolutionary link between crocodiles and dinosaurs, and 25 unforgettable facts about elephants.

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