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Win a prop from the set of Game of Thrones

…because every home needs a set of dragon eggs

When you play the game of thrones you win or you die.  Life is at stake this April when HBO’s much-anticipated new medieval fantasy television show, Game of Thrones, launches on Sky Atlantic. To celebrate the premiere, HBO is offering fans the ultimate prize –an authentic prop from the series.

Starting on Monday April 18th, and continuing till May 20th, consumers can visit the UK HBO online store to enter for the chance to win a set of three Dragon Eggs, complete in a golden chest, as seen in the Game of Thrones pilot episode. The online entry page will be easily accessible at gameofthroneswintheeggs.co.uk.

HBO is also offering five lucky runners up a 75 voucher redeemable for a credit up to £75 to be used at the UK HBO online store (http://store.hbouk.com), the best place to shop for official Game of Thrones product.

At the shop, fans can also find a collection of limited edition stylized t-shirts, featuring the Game of Thrones logo and ‘Winter is Coming’ tag line.  Additionally, true followers can pledge their fealty to their favourite noble house by sporting a tee featuring a sigil from one of the aristocratic families of Westeros including Stark of Winterfell, Lannister of Casterly Rock, Targaryen of Dragonstone and Baratheon of Storm’s End.

To keep fans engaged all season long, each Monday the HBO Shop will premiere new product – which may include glassware, jewelry and posters – based on the theme of that week’s episode.   The first seven themes are:

Week 1 (April 18th): House of Stark
Week 2 (April 25th): House of Lannister
Week 3 (May 2st): House of Baratheon + Iron Throne
Week 4 (May 9th): House of Targaryen + Dothraki
Week 5 (May 16th): Hand of the King + King’s Council
Week 6 (May 23rd): House of Tully + Arryn
Week 7 (May 30th): Night’s Watch + Battle for the Throne

The HBO online store is the ultimate shopping destination for all the best and official HBO merchandise, including fashion accessories, DVD’s and soundtracks, from hit HBO shows such as True Blood ® , Entourage ®  and Boardwalk Empire ® as well as Game of Thrones. Log on at http://store.hbouk.com.