Will you watch Avatar in 2D?

Cameron’s monster hit will be 3D-free on its 26 April DVD release.

avaAvatar is out on DVD and Blu-ray on 26 April. I imagine it’ll probably rake in another fortune on top of the movie’s $2.6 billion (and growing) box-office gross, but it is missing one vital element – the movie won’t be presented in 3D, at least on this bare-bones version of the movie.

Personally, I think that removes much of the appeal from Avatar. The main reason it became such a bloated success was down to its revolutionary use of stereoscopic 3D and how that harnessed the movie’s impressive art direction. Personally, I feel that’s a huge loss to the film if that’s no longer there.
What do you think? Could the lack of a 3D spectacle highlight the movie’s other qualities?