Why you should read… Green Lantern: No Fear

Geoff Johns does it again.

glanternA few weeks ago, you may remember that I highlighted Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern: Rebirth as a prime example of how to resurrect a comic book character with integrity remaining intact. Well, No Fear is the book that follows Rebirth, as Hal Jordan gradually pieces his life together again in the rebuilt Coast City.

Compared to Rebirth, No Fear is a welcome breather for the Green Lantern franchise. It’s a low-key selection of superhero stories, with no extra-high stakes and characterisation geared towards readers who aren’t necessarily familiar with the Hal Jordan character.

It also has the benefit of Carlos Pacheco’s wonderful, clean artwork in its first three chapters, which matches the less frenetic pace of the story very well. For the remaining chunk of stories, Rebirth extraordinaire Ethan Van Sciver returns for a somewhat more explosive Green Lantern tale.

This, in my opinion, is the way ongoing comics should be – No Fear is a story that deliberately avoids the more convoluted aspects of Green Lantern lore and hits the ground running. Following Rebirth, anyone who wants to get caught up with the character that is quickly becoming the most popular in the DC Universe, should read No Fear.

Green Lantern: No Fear is available from DC Comics in the US and Titan Books in the UK.