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When will viewers tire of superhero movies?

Nothing lasts forever.

The numbers tell the story that superheroes are still a highly bankable phenomenon for film studios – but we’re entering a very interesting time for the sub-genre. We’re well past the era of first-wave adaptations, now, and at a period where most series (X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman) are being rebooted in the hope that they’re retain the popularity of their predecessors, or we’re seeing second-string characters getting the spotlight (would you see a Hawkeye movie?).

All of which is exciting from a comic book fan’s perspective, I agree – providing the movies are decent – but that group of viewers is of minimal importance to movie studios. What matters are the every day people, those that watch Britain’s Got Talent and think they’re having the greatest time ever; the kind you have to really market to if you want a big hit on your hands.

This summer will be the test of the superhero movie. If the X-Men reboot, Captain America or Green Lantern flop, it’ll show that the sub-genre’s time might be coming to a head. But what do you think? Has the enormous rise of the superhero movie bothered you at all or put you off going to the cinema? Would you rather see a different kind of sci-fi movie at the cinemas? Let us know below.